SOLAR MYTH #1: “No Cost Up Front” aka, no money down, no cost solar, free solar, Free County Program, etc.
Don’t be fooled by these marketing tactics. The less you pay “up front” or commit to, the more you’ll pay in the back. So, don’t get caught with your pants down. For true value and control #ownyoursolar #powersolar #powersolarco
SOLAR MYTH #2: CA Homeowners: There is a new 2019 policy that power providers don’t want people knowing about. Those lucky enough to live in active zip codes are saving thousands on their power bill over time! Click on _____or “Learn More” to see if you qualify
More marketing tactics to lure you in for that high payback to the solar installer. Trust me, the commission on one of these systems is more than most people earn in a month. Likely the program is a PPA or Lease, but if you’re fortunate enough to get an honest salesman, they’d offer you a PACE loan to own your system and the interest has potential to be tax deductible. Honestly, everyone that owns a home can benefit from solar, each house WILL determine how much based on available roof space, exposure and your consumption.
#ownyoursolar #powersolar #powersolarco
SOLAR MYTH #3 ☀ Californians are claiming their piece of the “No Cost Solar Program Initiative” while the legislation is still in place. Homeowners will receive solar panels & a lower electric rate for going green. Savings up to $2983 ON YOUR ELECTRIC BILLS THIS YEAR ALONE!
💰This is a first come first serve program with less than 100,000 packages still available. Click on the link and find out in 60 seconds if your home qualifies! #ownyoursolar #powersolar #powersolarco