From cost savings to a positive environmental footprint, we cover everything you need to know when it comes to the benefits of going solar with Power Solar Structures Construction. If you would like a free quote, reach out to us today. Power Solar Structures Construction has helped our clients make that easy transition to home solar.

Cost Savings

One of the best benefits for homeowners is the savings associated with Going Solar. A solar installation tends to pay for itself in under 6 years when you purchase in full. Then, combine the tax credit, rising utility bills, utility payments for surplus power and you’ve got yourself a cash generator!

For many, a lifetime of solar power can save you over $100,000 and even above $200,000 since utility rates are climbing at a historically high rate.


Fossil fuels add carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Reduce your carbon footprint with an investment in your own solar panels.

By choosing Power Solar Structures Construction for your future energy consumption, you can give yourself the satisfaction of preserving the environment for generations.

Secure Energy

Enjoy security and peace of mind with the investment in energy storage! With several premium storage solutions available, including the ability to operate solar during a power failure, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re always on.

Microgrid storage systems keep your lights on and your batteries charging during daylight power outages compared to conventional Solar installations that don’t allow energy production if the grid is down. With solar from power solar, you’ll be protected when the local utility raises their rates too. Trust us and have confidence knowing you made the wise decision to go solar with Power Solar Structures Construction.

Affordable Transition

If you are looking to go solar and don’t want to invest the full amount purchasing your home’s solar equipment, Power Solar Structures Construction can help. We have plenty of custom payment plans that best fit your budgeting goals with most solar programs starting at zero down.